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Creating Easy to Remember Secure Passwords

Creating a Strong password

As our lives continue to move to the cloud, it is more important than ever to maintain strong passwords.

Here I will show you some easy tricks to creating strong and easy to remember passwords.

Diff’rent Strokes

Being a child of the 80’s, I remember Gary Coleman’s popular show called Diff’rent Strokes. His catch phrase, “what you talkin’ about Willis?” is a great start to a strong password.

By creating an acronym out of that catch phrase, we create a unique word that is not in the dictionary, but is also easy to remember.

Password: wytaw

Camel Humps

To make it stronger, we can arrange the acronym with alternating upper and lower case letters. We now have a non-dictionary word with upper and lower case letters.

Password: WyTaW

Add Numbers

Add numbers to make it stronger.

Password: WyTaW1234

Add Special Characters

Add special characters to the password to make the password stronger. In this example, I will add !@#$ which happens to be + 1,2,3,4

Password: WyTaQ1234!@#$


Using this process, we now have an extremely long (13 characters), non-dictionary, contains upper case, lower case and special characters password.

Sure to meet the requirements of even the strictest IT departments.

Use one, any or all of these tricks to create your own easy to remember secure password.