Arduino Temperature Monitoring Update


Having lived with my monitoring system for a little over a month, I can say that I found this project to be very fun. I now can see when and how long each of the hydronic floors is active and the temperatures around the different parts of the system.

From the data I have collected, I was able to experiment with the pump speeds. Each pump has three speeds. Monitoring the outlet and inlet temperatures showed that using the lowest speed left the most heat in floors. Previously, from my seat of the pants experience, it seemed that the middle setting was better, but the data shows that it is low and slow that works better.


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  1. Brian Rowbotham

    Hello, I see you have some stability on the SNMP library. I cannot get more than a day with agentuino library before it hangs up. What library are you using?

    • I believe the SNMP is stable, but not the temperature polling. About once a week, I won’t get anymore temperature readings. I first thought it was the SNMP, but the other OID’s I built still respond, so I think it is a one wire issue. I have a perl script that reboots the Arduino once a week (by powering off and back on the power over ethernet on the switch it’s connected to).

      The SNMP library is the Agentuino library with my custom OID’s.

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